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Finally we can announce that there will be a brand new album this year! And we need you lovely people to pre-order the record to assist us with the release.

As you will be aware, making and releasing records is an expensive business so we’ve decided to run another pledge-style campaign after the last one for Who Loves Ya Baby was such a success.

The new record will be called Compañeros and Ian describes it as ‘One of the most listenable records we’ve ever made, an album with a twist, full of exceptional songs’. It is due for release on Friday 18 September.

Apart from pre-ordering Compañeros, you can once again also book onto the Prowsey’s Historical Music Tour, have your favourite Ian Prowse song written out and signed by his own hand, have your name on the actual album notes or even have Ian around to your house for a special personal concert.

Also, for the first time ever, Ian is making available the songs of his very first band When in Rome. The school band, which lasted for seven years, came very close to a recording deal before splitting up in 1988. The 11-song demo CD, of songs you haven’t heard before, is a fascinating insight into Ian’s musical start and a must for any Prowsey completist.

Album will be with you on Friday 18th September, 2 weeks before the official release!

Watch a specially-recorded video message from Ian:

Here’s what’s on offer:

Buy now using PayPalA copy of Compañeros – £12

The new album on CD. Ian will personally sign it to you or any name you request.

Buy now using PayPalWhen in Rome CD + a copy of Compañeros – £22

The new album plus 12 unheard of Ian Prowse songs from his first band ‘When In Rome’.

Buy now using PayPalProwsey’s Historical Musical Tour of Liverpool + a copy of Compañeros – £30

Ian will put his masters degree to good use and take you on a walking tour of his beloved Liverpool one weekend afternoon.

Taking in all the major historical sites Ian will explain how Liverpool became the amazing musical city it is and reveal how slavery and famine shaped the city we know and love.

Then Ian will take you for a pint in his local!

This was a huge success during the ‘Who Loves Ya Baby’ campaign so we’ve decided to do it again.

You’ll also get a copy of Compañeros.

Buy now using PayPalHandwritten lyric sheet + a copy of Compañeros – £35

The song of your choosing, written out and signed by Ian in a very special way. Choose any of Ian’s lyrics from solo work, Amsterdam or Pele.

A unique and beautiful keepsake that won’t always be available.

You’ll also get a copy of Compañeros. OFFER NOW CLOSED.

Your name on the actual CD + the CD personally signed – SOLD OUT

You’ll be part of the new album…literally! You’ll get a copy of Compañeros, with your name appearing in a special “thank you” section of the album’s liner notes. A brilliant way of helping out and being part of the Compañeros campaign. OFFER NOW CLOSED

Come to the recording studio and appear on the album + a copy of Compañeros – SOLD OUT

Come and join the nine-piece Amsterdam band which will be recording the final song for the new album in Parr Street studio in Liverpool on 19 July 2015.

For a few hours you can watch the process unfold from inside the actual studio. We will also be asking for participation and hand-claps so you will also get your name on the actual album.

You’ll also get a copy of Compañeros.

Buy now using PayPalHouse concert by Ian + a copy of Compañeros – £400

You help pick the songs for an acoustic evening of music with Ian Prowse and anyone else you choose to invite. Available anywhere in Britain.

Only three house gigs are available! OFFER NOW CLOSED

You’ll also get a copy of Compañeros.

21 thoughts on “Compañeros – the new album

  1. Simon Thornton says:

    Have pledged £12 for the album, but how can I be a pain in the arse and amend my order to add the When in Rome CD for an extra tenner?
    Looking forward to Companeros!

  2. Simon Thornton says:

    Sorry, I meant ‘can I be a pain in the arse’!
    Apparently a certain person I’m married to says I can be, quite often!

  3. isn stapleton says:

    I have ordered the when in Rome and companeros package.is there anyway of adding a hand written lyric sheet to this for an extra donation??

  4. Carole McCrave says:

    Any copies of ‘When in Rome’ left? I thought I’d ordered this and ‘Companeros’ but have only got Companeros??? Ta, Carole

    1. Simon Thornton says:

      I think they’re going to send you a copy, if you don’t get it let me know. If anyone called Stephen is missing the When I Rome CD with ‘Cheers Stephen’ written on it, let me know and I’ll post it out. If anyone ha got one with cheers Simon on it, can you send it to me
      please, 13 South Road, Drayton, Portsmouth. PO6 1QB. Thanks! Simon.

  5. Philip says:

    Arived and sounds great. Surproised that the When In Rome CD didn’t receive the “Regal Prowse Scrawl” though.

    ANy news on the reissues of Attitunes, The Curse and the original live DVD as yet??

  6. Andy says:

    The beauty of Pledge. May never have hear Mississippi Beat otherwise. A serious contender to DTTSOM or Home….cheers for another great album.

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