Ian Prowse and Amsterdam

Tracklisting for The Best of Ian Prowse finally revealed: pre-order your copy now!


Does this train stop on Merseyside? The very best of Ian Prowse

You can now pre-order the new CD album for £10+postage and make sure you get the Special Collectors Limited Edition Booklet which includes Ian’s notes on the origins of each song as well as great rare photos from his 21 years in the music business.

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The full glorious track listing can finally be revealed as:

1. Does This train Stop On Merseyside. (Huge John Peel favourite, covered by Christy Moore and many others)

2. Fair Blows The Wind For France. (Biggest UK hit for Pele)

3. Home. (Played by Janice Long on Radio 20 twenty nights in a row)

4. Fireworks. (Classic title track to first Pele album)

5. Takin’ On The World. (Radio 2 Playlist)

6. Raid The Palace. (Radio 1 A list)

7. Love Phenomenon. (Much loved 1st Amsterdam single)

8. Fat Black Heart. (Lead single from ‘Sport Of Kings’ album)

9. Don’t Throw Your Love Away. (Duet with Elvis Costello on EMI Records)

10. Megalomania. (Number 1 hit in South Africa)

11. Nothing’s Goin’ Right. (Featuring a guest appearance by Christy Moore)

12. Don’t Worship Me. (Final classic Pele single)

13. Policeman. (Big fan’s favourite from ‘Fireworks’ album)

14. Joe’s Kiss. (Stand out Amsterdam track recounting Ian’s meeting with Joe Strummer)

15. Arm In Arm. (Title track to album that was voted 14th best ever out of Liverpool in 2008).

16. Maybe there is a God after all. (Brand new song)

17. Rise Like A Lion. (Brand new song)

18. Here I Am. (Brand new song)

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