Do you have any old friends who remember the Pele album Fireworks?

Ian Prowse in Pele

Ian Prowse in Pele

2011 will be twenty years since Ian Prowse’s first band Pele recorded the debut classic celtic pop album Fireworks for Polydor Records. The seven-piece Amsterdam extravaganza led by Fireworks composer Ian Prowse will perform the album in its fast and furious entirety on Saturday 5 March next year in Liverpool.

The album only clocks in at 37 minutes so Amsterdam will also perform a set of classics from the noughties as well as tasters from the new album.

Fireworks spawned 4 singles with hits in the UK, Portugal, France and even a number 1 in South Africa. It’s one of those great hungry debut albums from a young band eager to take on the world, there isn’t a weak song on it.

If you have any old friends from University in the early 90’s who remember those fantastic nights in Loughborough, Warwick, Wolverhampton, Kent, Glasgow, Nottingham, Stoke, Portsmouth, Leeds and many others then let them know their favourite album is being performed in full for ONE NIGHT ONLY.

Tickets are a mere £11 and are available right now from:

You can now also become a fan of Pele on Facebook!


Johnny Barlow weekend

If you are at a loose end this weekend why not get along to one of the two launch shows for Johns first ever solo album.

Tonight is at the Water Rats in London with tomorrow’s show taking place at the Zanzibar club in Liverpool. You can pay on the door at both events and ‘The Fosse Way’ will be available at both gigs.

Support for tomorrow night comes from Paulie’s new band The Last Gambados, Alan O’Hare, The Garys and Kevin Critchely.

Johnny Barlow solo album available this Friday

Johnny Barlow

Johnny Barlow

The Fosse Way contains ten original Barlow gems beautifully represented on his CD. The album is available to Amsterdam fans this Friday 27 August from

Purchasers of the album will receive it within a week. To listen to tracks and find out what the Fosse way actually means visit Johnny’s site.

Three full band shows in Stroud, Liverpool and London have also been announced to promote the Fosse Way:

Fringe Festival main stage
Sun 5 Sept, 4:00 pm

Water Rats
Friday 10 Sept

Saturday 11 Sept

Two great bring-a-newbie gigs!

Get two free songs to send to your friends!

Get two free songs to send to your friends!

The two up-and-coming shows represent a new chapter in the ever changing Amsterdam story so we here at HQ want all of you to bring a newbie to these shows.

Do you have any friends who aren’t aware of the greatness of an Amsterdam live show? Well bring them along to either London or Liverpool!

You can tickle your friends’ fancy by downloading and emailing them one of the Amsterdam classics Takin’ on the world  (MP3, 4MB) or Home (MP3, 6.6MB) for free.

The band will be performing both shows as the full seven-piece ensemble with songs from the entirety of Ian’s career as well as a few of the magnificent brand new tunes the gang are working on right now.

You can get an update on this thread in the forum on how things are progressing with the new album.

Also, if anybody is in Liverpool this Wednesday night (24 February) Ian will be performing a solo show at the brand new Mojo venue.