Here I Lie album

Here I Lie

The brand new record is called Here I Lie and took 18 months to make and used 17 magnificent musicians. The 11-song LP rivals anything in Ian’s 27-year career.

Track listing

  1. Ian Prowse - Here I lieJoseph
  2. The Ballad of North John Street
  3. We Ride at Dawn
  4. Something’s Changed
  5. AmericanWake
  6. Here I Lie
  7. All the Royal Houses
  8. 10 Second Journey
  9. Rebel Girl
  10. She Sings Ava Maria
  11. Ned Maddrell

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Ian Prowse - Here I lieHere I Lie CD

Signed by Ian with 16-page souvenir lyric booklet, song notes & previously unseen photos.