Pele FAQs

Why did Pele split up?

Blame the record company. M&G Records refused to start the recording of the third LP. They stopped the band’s money and offered Ian a solo deal, but he didn’t want that. The band were then involved in a fierce legal battle. After the release of A-Live-A-Live-O M&G Records redoubled their legal efforts and managed to drop the band on a technicality, leaving the record company free of their financial obligations, and the band deep in debt.

What happened to the third album?

The third studio album was talked about in a newsletter that the band sent out. It was recorded in demo form but didn’t see the light of day until December 2001 when Ian decided to make it available to the public.

What chart success did Pele achieve?

Although Megalomania sold more than any other Pele single, three single releases made the top 75 for one week each. You can see the progress of them in the picture below from the Guiness Book of British Hit Singles. There is no record of any albums in the Guiness Book of Hit Albums suggesting that they didn’t chart.


How can I get in touch with the band?

If you try contacting Pele at the Wirral PO box address they give on the record sleeves, it will get returned by Royal Mail, so don’t bother wasting a stamp. Later releases came with a reply card which went to Leamington Spa. However you can email Ian at

Do Amsterdam play any Pele songs live?

You may be lucky enough to hear a Pele song at an Amsterdam gig. Pele numbers that they have played in the past include Raid the Palace, Megalomania, A Kings Ransom, Swingin From a Tree, Understanding Sadness, Pain of a Drinking Song, Fireworks, It’s a War of Nerve, Name and Number and Oh Lord.

Is there another band called Pele?

An album, called Blue Cecil, was released by an artist that goes by the name of ‘Pele’. This is nothing to do with this Pele.

What painting is featured on the cover of the Fireworks album?

It’s ‘La jeune martyre’ by Paul Delarouche and currently hangs in the Louvre gallery in Paris.