Fireworks album 25th anniversary edition

Fireworks album 25th anniversary edition

Fireworks album 25th anniversary edition

The classic Fireworks album was 25 years old in 2017!

To celebrate it was remastered and rereleased on both vinyl and CD limited editions.

Each tune on the 12 track album could have been a single and the melodic energy has stood the test of time, mostly due to Gary Langan’s superb production.

The Fireworks reissue is now sold out.

  1. Raid The Palace
  2. Megalomania
  3. Policemen
  4. Fair Blows The Wind For France
  5. Sly Times
  6. Searchlight
  7. Fireworks
  8. Kings Ransom
  9. Swinging From a Tree
  10. Time is Money
  11. Monkey Scream
  12. Oh Lord

Buy Pele’s Fireworks special edition:

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The remastered Fireworks CD with signed limited edition souvenir booklet. This includes very rare photos from the band’s personal collection and includes b-sides, live songs & very rare previously unheard songs that didn’t make the album. Also comes with wonderful sleeve notes from comedian Chris Addison.