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October 2016

Fireworks 25th anniversary reissue announced

How to order your copy

November 2001

Third ‘lost’ pele album

The third Pele album This Time Next Year, a collection of recorded songs and demos from 1994-95, is available now. The track listing includes:

  • She Rules My Life
  • This Time Next Year
  • I Won’t Ever Let Her Say…
  • Coming Home Soon
  • She Wrote, For Once
  • Empire
  • Your Wounded Stare
  • All My Heroes
  • I Love Him
  • Marvellous Marvin Gaye
  • The Dole Bug
  • Living Here
  • Total Breakdown
  • Let The Truth In
  • In The Beginning

Late 1994

Mailing list newsletter

Dear Pelepeople,

Hello everybody, we hope you are all well and waiting patiently for the third Pele album. You all know it would take longer than first promised but so far it sounds like the wait will be more than worthwhile, everyone is very excited about it.

Despite enjoying making records immensely we can’t wait to get back on the road as early as possible next year. The last tour in June was easily the most packed out, hottest and sweatiest and a fantastic vibe, thanks.

We also had a fine time in the summer at the festivals we played abroad. We actually nearly died laughing as a well known and critically acclaimed British indie band failed to make more than seven or eight people clap in a crowd of nine thousand people, it was in broad daylight too, we wish the NME had been there!!!

Anyway, good luck to you all whatever you’re doing and have a wonderful Christmas and a drink-fuelled new year. Sorry about the wait and as always SPREAD THE WORD!



May 1994

Mailing list newsletter

Hello Pelepeople,

“Where have you been the past few months” I hear you cry!! Well after so much touring in the past 2 years we had a few weeks off, then we got down to the serious business of cheering on Tranmere Rovers into the Premier League. As I write promotion is still in the balance so the mood of the next tour (i.e. cheerful or angry) will depend on the outcome!!!!

In between we’ve been writing songs for our 3rd Album with recording commencing in the Summer.

After many letters and not too subtle hints from many of you on JUNE 6TH we release our First ever Live Album. So now when we aren’t on tour and you need your Pele live fix, (and Ale’O’clock strikes) you can put this mini-album on. It includes three of our singles, some fine audience participation and also at the end of the album is a brand new studio song recorded especially for this album called “In The Beginning” – Pay no more than £9.99 for this record!!!

To support this new release we are doing a two week tour starting in Exeter on May 31st. Because we haven’t played for so long, these shows promise to be something else!

The sleeve of the live album is decorated with the signatures of the people who attended the recording of “Alive-Alive-O” at Loughborough student union, and a big thank you to everyone who was there that night (P.S. Can we have our singer back now?)

Also over the past couple of months we’ve been promoting our “Sport of Kings” album in Holland, Belgium and Germany, garnishing album of the month type reviews whilst the English music press continue to ignore us, so word of mouth is still our most powerful weapon!

Hope you enjoy the brand new album, it’s what we do best. Thanks for your continued support. ROLL ON THE TOUR!


P.S. If you go to an independent shop they should have it in stock, if not get them to order it! CD number is MAGCD 1049 Cassette: MAGCS 1049, Vinyl (limited quantities): MAGLP 1049.

P.P.S. We will be playing a special London show early July.

STOP PRESS: We’ve just been asked by Wet Wet Wet (they’re all big fans apparently!) to be special guest at a massive open air festival in Scotland. (Hopefully, we won’t upset them Del Amitri style, Whoops).

Summer 1993

Mailing list newsletter

Thanks again to everybody who came to see us on tour in May – we had some fantastic nights. Apologies go out to anybody who couldn’t get in to the student-only gigs. Steps will be taken to ensure that every gig on our next tour (when the album comes out!!!) will be open to everyone.

In the next few weeks we are playing festivals all over Europe starting in Russia on July 11th and then Ireland, Sweden, Portugal. Dates over the summer in the British Isles are:-

Phoenix Festival Long Marsden Sat 17 July
Marquee London Fri 23rd July
Feile Festival Tipperary Sat 31st July
Big Top Swansea 7th August

Our next UK tour will be in the Autumn by which time our 2nd album will have been released (hoorah!!!)

Thanks again for your splendid support, spread the word. Part two of the PELE story begins on July 19th at 9:30am at a record store near you!!!!!

Cheers PELE

P.S. *** STOP PRESS *** New LP is called The Sport Of Kings

Mailing list messages of the month:-

*Andrea will you have my babies?…more statement than question!” – James Lee, Thornby (Don’t call us we’ll call you – The Management)

*The Liverpool concert was excellent, however the thought of Ian’s knackers being 2 feet from my face caused a severe lack of concentration” – Kate Lane – Doncaster (You’re a sick woman Kate – The Management)

“Keep it up” – Lee Goodall – Worksop (Not a problem according to Dally “Pleased To See You” Dallison)

“Nico please wave your violin stick at us again!” – Jamie Carter – Havant

May 1992

Mailing list newsletter

Hello Pelepeople everywhere,

A massive thank you to everybody who has replied via mailing cards and especially those of you who’ve written letters. We appreciate the effort. A special mention is due to the young lass who has offered us all a holiday, that’s the sort of offer we like!

However, we are perturbed at the attention lavished on our mesmerising ugly bass player Jim, your comments only serve to encourage him. On the other hand Ms Nicholson our violinist will almost certainly answer in the affirmative to anybody offering her a night out on the ale!

Our third and best single/E.P to date is to be released on June 1st and features FAIR BLOWS THE WIND FOR FRANCE. If you’ve received this newsletter then your name will be listed on the limited edition 10″ gatefold sleeve. In addition a pull-out pamphlet with everybodies names who were present at the LONDON MEAN FIDDLER gig on March 7th is also included.

The EP Is limited to 5000 copies and features the previously unreleased live song “Name and Number” (you must remember the slow folky one we started most gigs with on the last tour!) There are also live versions of “Monkey Scream” and “Oh Lord.” All other formats only have “Fair Blows” and a live version of “It’s a War of Nerve.”

To coincide with this e.p. we are back out on the road again starting in Paris and moving on to the more glamorous Princess Charlotte in Leicester! We’re really excited to be going on tour again and looking forward to seeing you all. If we aren’t’ t playing in your town/poly/uni and you’ve travelled far to see us, try and grab one of us at the venue, you may get on our famous (you’re all on it) guest list!!!

Meanwhile PELE are currently in Paris shooting (getting drunk on record company expenses) the video for Fair Wind. There are rumours that Sascha Distel may be making a cameo appearance.

PELE are playing quite a few festivals, culminating with an appearance at Reading on Sunday 30 August. If you’re going to Glastonbury or Reading or any other Festival don’t forget to See you out there!

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