Pele videos

Fireworks 25th anniversary documentary

How to get hold of your copy

Raid the Palaceraidthepalace1

Filmed at Longleat House, shown on children’s TV, roundly disliked by the band at the time.


Filmed at Clapham Grand live before an invited audience, easily the worst Pele video, shown on many national and local TV shows.

fairblows1Fair Blows the Wind For France

Filmed in Paris when the band were there to do a live show on Radio Francais.

The cover to the Fireworks album is in fact a painting that hangs in the Louvre, Paul Delaroche’s La jeune martyr.


Filmed on top of a bus between London and Brighton.

Like most Pele videos this one only got an airing on Saturday morning children’s TV.

fatblackheart2Fat Black Heart

Filmed under a railway arch in London.

First video shown on the Chart Show, and the first video that didn’t feature the whole band.

dontworshipme2Don’t Worship Me

Filmed in an unknown West End theatre, shown on both ITV and BBC.

It won a video vote on the BBC.

Megalomania – lives on The James Whale Show

Raid the Palace/Kay Burley interview – Sky News