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Something’s Changed Ian Prowse Single 19 July 2019 Kitchen Disco Records
The Ballad of North John Street Ian Prowse Single April 2019 Kitchen Disco Records
Ian Prowse - Here I lie Here I Lie Ian Prowse Album March 2019 Kitchen Disco Records
The Sport of Kings album 25th anniversary edition Pele Album March 2018 Learpholl Recordings
Fireworks album 25th anniversary edition Fireworks album 25th anniversary edition Pele Album March 2017 Learpholl Recordings
ian-prowse-companeros Compañeros Ian Prowse Album 18 September 2016 Learpholl Recordings
Compañeros DVD Compañeros Tour Ian Prowse DVD 29 July 2016 Learpholl Recordings
You Can’t Win Em All Mum Ian Prowse Digital video/single 2015 Learpholl
Mississippi Beat Ian Prowse & Pauline Scanlon Digital video/single 2015 Learpholl
Lest we forget Ian Prowse Video single July 2014 IRL
I Did it For Love Ian Prowse Digital/video single 5 May 2014 IRL
Who loves ya baby by Ian Prowse Who Loves Ya Baby Ian Prowse Album 16 March 2014  IRL
God and man Ian Prowse Digital/video single February 2014 IRL
Rosalita (with Steve White)/Cecilia Ian Prowse/ Dan Donnelly 7″ single 2013 80’s Vinyl Records
Does This Train Stop on Merseyside? The Very Best of Ian Prowse Amsterdam Album 9 April 2012  CIA Recordings
The glorious return of Amsterdam The glorious return of Amsterdam Amsterdam DVD 21 May 2010
Arm in arm album Arm in arm Amsterdam Album 17 March 2008 CIA Records/
Home Amsterdam Single 10 December 2007 CIA Records/Universal
1-2-3-4! live album 1-2-3-4! Amsterdam Live album 3 September 2007 Beat Crazy
The journey album The Journey Amsterdam Album 20 June 2005 Beat Crazy
Takin' on the world single Takin’ on The World Amsterdam Single 24 October 2005 Beat Crazy
Does this train stop on Merseyside? single Does This Train Stop on Merseyside? Amsterdam Single 30 May 2005 Beat Crazy
The journey single The Journey Amsterdam Single 24 January 2005 Beat Crazy
Live bootleg DVD Live bootleg Amsterdam DVD 26 May 2003 (internet only)
The curse album The Curse Amsterdam Album 7 October 2002  (internet only)
Live, left and covered album Live, Left and Covered Amsterdam Album 10 December 2001 Weena Records (internet only)
Love phenomenon single Love phenomenon Amsterdam Single 29 October 2001 Weena Records
Attitunes album Attitunes Amsterdam Album 29 January 2001 Favourite Records (internet only)
This Time Next Year Pele Album December 2001 Demoes for third album (internet only)
Alive-alive-o Pele Album June 1994 Polydor/M&G
Don’t worship me Pele Single November 1993 Polydor/M&G
The Sport of Kings Pele Album December 1993 Polydor/M&G
Fat black heart Pele Single July 1993 Polydor/M&G
Fireworks Pele Single September 1992 Polydor/M&G
Fireworks Pele Album April 1992 Polydor/M&G
Fair blows the wind for France Pele Single June 1992 Polydor/M&G
Megalomania Pele Single February 1992 Polydor/M&G
Raid the palace Pele Single October 1991 Polydor/M&G