Here I Lie album

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Ian Prowse - Here I lieThe brand new record is called Here I Lie and took 18 months to make and used 17 magnificent musicians. The 11-song LP rivals anything in Ian’s 27-year career.

Apart from ordering the CD or gatefold vinyl you can chose from a menu of great offers.

We’ve also done a deal with our old record company so there are vinyl and CD copies of the two classic Amsterdam albums The Journey and Arm In Arm available as a bundle too.

The album is out now.

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Listed here are the various different offers available to suit all fans!

Ian Prowse - Here I lieHere I Lie CD

Signed by Ian with 16-page souvenir lyric booklet, song notes & previously unseen photos.

Buy it now: £12 + UK postage

Buy it now £12 + international postage

Ian Prowse - Here I lieHere I Lie gatefold vinyl

Magnificent fold out sleeve with lyrics. Ian has used another Paul Delaroche painting, the same artist who did the Fireworks album cover.


The journey (album)Here I Lie gatefold vinyl + The Journey vinyl

There are only 16 copies of The Journey album on vinyl in existence. First come first served.


Ian Prowse - Here I lieHere I Lie gatefold vinyl signed test pressing

With hand written lyrics by Ian of title song on the sleeve.


The Sport of Kings - PeleHere I Lie gatefold vinyl + The Sport of Kings gatefold vinyl

The brand new album and the classic Pele album on vinyl.


Ian Prowse - Here I lieHere I Lie CD + name in special thank you section of sleeve

Have your name alongside the musicians and those who made this special album possible.


Handwritten lyrics + Here I Lie CD

Have Ian personally write any of his lyrics out for you on fine parchment. ‘Home’, ‘Fireworks’, ‘Does This Train Stop On Merseyside’, Fat Black Heart’ or one of the new songs.

Sold Out

Live Christmas show poster + Here I Lie CD

Personally signed poster from the legendary Christmas show plus the Here I Lie CD.

Sold Out

The Sport of Kings - PeleHere I Lie CD + The Sport of Kings CD

Special bundle offer of the old and the new.

 Sold Out

Here I Lie CD + Arm in Arm CDArm in arm album

Ian’s favourite of all his albums has been long deleted but now the 2008 album is available again. Home, Arm In Arm, Hey Hilary, Nothings Goin’ Right & Feels Like Growing Up all appear on this classic record.

 Sold OUT

Does this train stop on Merseyside? The very best of Ian ProwseHere I Lie CD + The Very Best of Ian Prowse CD

The new CD and Does This Train Stop On Merseyside: The Best Of Ian Prowse souvenir CD.



Personalised video song

If you have a special occasion coming up and want Ian to make a personalised video singing a one off version of your favourite Prowsey tune along with a special message then this is the one for you!

Buy now: £100

House concert – very limited

If you have a special birthday or event coming up in your life Ian will come around to your house or a pub of your choice and give you a one man musical party! Limited Offer.

Sold Out

Commission a song from Ian

Is there anyone you would like Ian write a song for? Or is there something you would like Ian to write a song about? Let’s write it. You can tell him about what you want the song to say, or if you have lyric ideas, he can set them to music. Together you can take your idea from a feeling into a song. It will then be recorded properly for you so you can keep it forever.