Johnny Barlow solo album release date and promo shows announced!

Amsterdam founder member and lead guitarist Johnny Barlow will release his debut solo album The Fosse Way on 13 September. You will be able to order the album via this site. Details coming soon.

Johnny will also be playing 2 promotional shows with a six piece band. The brace of shows begins with London Water Rats on Friday 10 September. London tickets are available now.

Then the night after at Zanzibar Club in Liverpool on Saturday 11 – buy your tickets here.

Meanwhile you can get a taster to The Fosse Way at

Two great bring-a-newbie gigs!

Get two free songs to send to your friends!

Get two free songs to send to your friends!

The two up-and-coming shows represent a new chapter in the ever changing Amsterdam story so we here at HQ want all of you to bring a newbie to these shows.

Do you have any friends who aren’t aware of the greatness of an Amsterdam live show? Well bring them along to either London or Liverpool!

You can tickle your friends’ fancy by downloading and emailing them one of the Amsterdam classics Takin’ on the world  (MP3, 4MB) or Home (MP3, 6.6MB) for free.

The band will be performing both shows as the full seven-piece ensemble with songs from the entirety of Ian’s career as well as a few of the magnificent brand new tunes the gang are working on right now.

You can get an update on this thread in the forum on how things are progressing with the new album.

Also, if anybody is in Liverpool this Wednesday night (24 February) Ian will be performing a solo show at the brand new Mojo venue.