Pre-order The Sport of Kings 25th anniversary reissue now!

The Sport of Kings - PeleThe second and final Pele album The Sport of Kings is 25 years old!

To celebrate it is being remastered and rereleased on limited edition souvenir vinyl and CD.

Take your pick of the special offers, including CDs, vinyl, T-shirts, a complete day and night out with Ian or your name on the actual album sleeve.

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Pre-order the Fireworks album 25th anniversary edition

Fireworks album 25th anniversary editionThe classic Fireworks album is 25 years old!

To celebrate it’s been remastered and rereleased and is available on both vinyl and CD limited editions -pre order it now!

We’re also offering a special day out with Ian or your name on the album!

Each tune on the 12 track album could have been a single and the melodic energy has stood the test of time, mostly due to Gary Langan’s superb production.

If you buy the remastered CD version b-sides & previously unreleased demos will be included. The album will be sent out in the first weeks of February.

The first 100 people to order CD or vinyl will get a free 15-track live bootleg CD of Pele in their full majesty from various shows!

Buy Pele’s Fireworks special edition

Buy Pele’s Fireworks special edition

Support the new Ian Prowse album, Compañeros

Finally we can announce that there will be a brand new album this year! And we need you lovely people to pre-order the record to assist us with the release.

As you will be aware, making and releasing records is an expensive business so we’ve decided to run another pledge-style campaign after the last one for Who Loves Ya Baby was such a success.

The new record will be called Compañeros and Ian describes it as ‘One of the most listenable records we’ve ever made, an album with a twist, full of exceptional songs’. It is due for release on Friday 18 September.

Apart from pre-ordering Compañeros, you can once again also book onto the Prowsey’s Historical Music Tour, have your favourite Ian Prowse song written out and signed by his own hand, have your name on the actual album notes or even have Ian around to your house for a special personal concert.

Also, for the first time ever, Ian is making available the songs of his very first band When in Rome. The school band, which lasted for seven years, came very close to a recording deal before splitting up in 1988. The 11-song demo CD, of songs you haven’t heard before, is a fascinating insight into Ian’s musical start and a must for any Prowsey completist.

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Tracklisting for The Best of Ian Prowse finally revealed: pre-order your copy now!

Does this train stop on Merseyside? The very best of Ian Prowse

Does this train stop on Merseyside? The very best of Ian Prowse

You can now pre-order the new CD album for £10+postage and make sure you get the Special Collectors Limited Edition Booklet which includes Ian’s notes on the origins of each song as well as great rare photos from his 21 years in the music business.

For UK postage (99p), click the Buy Now button:

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If you require international postage (£1.99) then order your album here

Only 1,000 of these will be produced so make sure you snap one up. Each album will also be signed by Ian with your name on it, (or any name you wish to stipulate*). Your album will arrive on or before Monday 9th April.

The full glorious track listing can finally be revealed as:

1. Does This train Stop On Merseyside. (Huge John Peel favourite, covered by Christy Moore and many others)

2. Fair Blows The Wind For France. (Biggest UK hit for Pele)

3. Home. (Played by Janice Long on Radio 20 twenty nights in a row)

4. Fireworks. (Classic title track to first Pele album)

5. Takin’ On The World. (Radio 2 Playlist)

6. Raid The Palace. (Radio 1 A list)

7. Love Phenomenon. (Much loved 1st Amsterdam single)

8. Fat Black Heart. (Lead single from ‘Sport Of Kings’ album)

9. Don’t Throw Your Love Away. (Duet with Elvis Costello on EMI Records)

10. Megalomania. (Number 1 hit in South Africa)

11. Nothing’s Goin’ Right. (Featuring a guest appearance by Christy Moore)

12. Don’t Worship Me. (Final classic Pele single)

13. Policeman. (Big fan’s favourite from ‘Fireworks’ album)

14. Joe’s Kiss. (Stand out Amsterdam track recounting Ian’s meeting with Joe Strummer)

15. Arm In Arm. (Title track to album that was voted 14th best ever out of Liverpool in 2008).

16. Maybe there is a God after all. (Brand new song)

17. Rise Like A Lion. (Brand new song)

18. Here I Am. (Brand new song)

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*If you want your album signing to a particular name then make sure you specify the name under your address when you checkout:

New album release date confirmed

Does this train stop on Merseyside: The Very Best Of Ian Prowse will be officially released by CIA Records via Universal on Monday 9th April. The album will include 3 brand new songs as well as 7 Pele classics and 8 Amsterdam.

Featuring duets with Elvis Costello and Christy Moore the CD also contains Number 1 hits abroad, 5 songs that have been playlisted on BBC Radio and the cream of Ian’s 21 years in the music industry.

Pre orders will be taken in the next couple of weeks for the CD which will include a collectors edition 16 page booklet complete with rare photos and specially written notes by Ian on the origins of each song.

A full April UK tour with the 7 piece Amsterdam band will visit London, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester, York, Glasgow and Wolves.