Pele Fireworks 30th anniversary T-shirt

UK orders

£21.99 + £1.60 postage

International orders

£21.99 + £4.60 international postage

Pele enamel badge and plectrum


Ian Prowse bell mugs emblazoned with purple logo

Ian Prowse mug


Here I Lie CD

A repress of this much-loved 2019 CD.

Attitunes reissue – CD, vinyl and extra

Available on CD and vinyl, along with several other offers.


Pele hat

In black with the famous red, yellow, green and blue Pele logo. One size.


Pele hoodie

SOLD OUT – New line coming soon.

Limited edition Lockdown t-shirt

You had to be there.

Ian Prowse lyrics on parchmentHandwritten lyrics

Handwritten lyrics on fine parchment to any of Ian’s classic songs.

Buy lyrics sheet for £25 + £1.99 UK postage

Buy lyrics sheet for £25 + £3.99 UK postage


88 thoughts on “Shop

  1. Hi – are you able to provide an estimated delivery day? Would love to get the t-shirt in time for father’s day!

  2. At what stage of the Paypal Guest payment process can you specify the PELE t-shirt colour. I’m looking to replace my dark blue one from 20 years ago. Also it does still come with ‘I think too much and I drink too much’ slogan on the back?

    • Thank you very much again. I’ve booked tickets for London Saturday 8th April, for my birthday, what time is the main act on stage?

      Pele classic t-shirt
      Dark blue
      L (or XL if they come up small) I’m a 42” chest.
      With ‘I think too much and I drink too much’ slogan on the back in white.

      All my best,

  3. Hmm that’s bizarre, we deffo sent you a reply fella! Here it is:

    Hmmm we deffo sent out the CD, seems like we have a light fingered postie. It won’t be the first time. I’ll send out another asap.
    I can get you another darker blue on if ya like and make it XL? And a place on any gezzy for the tour next year.
    Or obvs we can sort a refund.



    It was sent to

    • Thanks very much Ian. I never doubted you sent it and but can’t be my local postman as we’ve never had any problems and the t-shirt arrived okay. To confirm my address is 197 Moordown, London SE18 3ND. But it happens I can imagine.

      Nooo don’t want a refund, if you can make me up and send a dark blue XL t-shirt. It would be great if the material could just be regular cotton please. And I can wear to the concert.

      Victoria and I have tickets to your show London The Islington, Sat 8 April for my birthday ☺

      If you can please confirm you got this e-mail.

      Thanks again,

      p.s. what is your address to send the other one back please.

  4. Hello!! Just wondered whether the ‘lost’ album ‘This Time Next Year’ will be reissued at any point? It’s the only thing missing from my Pele collection of singles and albums.

  5. Hi just purchased pele xl black t shirt. Can i have i think to much and i drink to much in white on the back. My pay pal receipt is 2597-3656-3859-0531……been searching for a replacement for years!

  6. Just wondering if the T-shirts are being sent out yet. Ordered one a a couple of weeks ago and would love to have it before the 100 Club show.
    Ta very much

  7. I ordered a black sport of kings XXL on the 2nd August, can you please tell me when I will receive it. Many thanks in advance.

  8. Is it possible to get the classic Pele t-shirts with ‘I think too much and I drink too much’ on the back in dark blue or green?
    Thanks in advance

  9. Hi Ian. I ordered and paid for by PayPal 2 lockdown TShirts. One Large and 1 medium.
    They were 2 separate orders on the same day. Only the large has come.

  10. Hi I bought a PELE hoodie on the 14th of February and have not yet received it.
    Can you please help.
    Transaction Details below :

    You’ll see “PAYPAL *IAN PROWSE” on your card statement.
    EUR 37.52
    Exchange rate
    EUR 37.52 = GBP 31.49
    1 EUR = 0.8392 GBP
    Ship to
    Seamus Whelan
    Transaction ID


  11. Hi
    you sent me the Amsterdam hoodie instead of the Pele one.
    Is the Pele one still in stock? This was my original order

    Pele hoodie antique cherry – XXL £29.99 GBP 1 £29.99 GBP
    Subtotal £29.99 GBP
    Shipping and handling £1.50 GBP
    Total £31.49 GBP
    Payment £31.49 GBP
    Charge will appear on your credit card statement as “PAYPAL *IAN PROWSE”
    Payment sent to

    If so I will order it again and keep the Amsterdam one as well.


  12. Hello Ian, I ordered a t shirt 15 May, any updates on it would be grateful my mate, thanks… its under the name Welsh.

    • Sorry for tardy response Karl mate, up the wall ere.
      I had seen the order but needed to go under the stairs to see if there’s any HIL left. Sadly I can’t find any so it looks like it’s sold out mate. Will sort refund.
      Ian x

      • No worries, fully understand how busy you are in December. Just have to wait for the 10th anniversary reissue then!

  13. Hello Ian

    I hope that you are well.

    I just wanted to check with you anticipated delivery of my order made on 3/8/22

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kind regards


  14. Hi, I’m looking at the handwritten lyrics but there’s no information as to what the two prices give you. When I click on it it just takes me to a PayPal sign in.

  15. Ordered a mug on the 4th of December (for my secret santa as he’s a big fan), still not arrived, disappointed but hopefully you can just cancel the order now please?

    • Ahh I’m sorry I missed this in the glut of new orders for the 3rd pele LP. Will sort refund…. also by way of an apology come to a show on the spring tour as our guest, plus 1
      Ian x

      • Hi, thank you for sorting that, could I gift it to him to come to one of the shows please? If that’s possible can you send me the info/dates in an email to
        That would be much appreciated, thank you and all the best for 2023!

  16. Hi Ian. I ordered the third Pele album on CD on 4 Jan. Website said delivery would be in January so I just wanted to make sure you’d got the order ok? Waited almost 30 years to hear it!! Many thanks

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