Tour finale in London

The band rounded off their first ever full-length UK tour last night in the capital at the Borderline.

With the assistance of spoonfuls of honey from Morgo, Ian made sure his suffering voice didn’t distract him and the band from the task of delivering another storming show to celebrate top 40 chart success.

Paulie began the gig by singing the call-to-arms intro from Takin’ on the World, and with the crowd happy to help out, it wasn’t long before the packed venue was in full party mode. The set included:

Feels Like Takin’ on the World
The Gangster
Raid the Palace
Glorious Day
Understanding Sadness
Joe’s KissThe Journey
Diablo and the Dame
You’re a Phoney
Does this Train Stop on Merseyside?
Feels like Growin’ Up
I’m a Raver Now
Town Called Malice

Once again, the band would like to thank everybody for their support at the recent live shows and with the release of The Journey single. Watch this space for the next installment of the Amsterdam story!


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