New single well-received

Takin' on the World is to be remixed

The third Amsterdam single Takin’ on the World has been well received at the all important BBC Radio 2.

Apparently the song has garnished even more attention from producers than the previous single and has so far narrowly missed the playlist.

A radio remix is currently being put together because some producers felt the song was just a little to ‘live’ in it’s production for BBC Radio 2. So Louis the soundman has taken a small break from producing the latest Stranglers material to work on a new mix in the hope that this swings it.

Unfortunately this dictates that the single will have to be put back to Monday 17 October, which actually works in the boys’ favour as they did a splendid acoustic show in London this afternoon to all the reps who are going out on the road to sell the record into the shops in the next two weeks.

Also Ian learned at the sales conference from Damien Dempsey’s manager that Damo is a big fan of the Amsterdam record which has pleased him no end!

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