Download information for Monday

Download information for Monday

You will be able to download the new single from this Monday morning onwards from the following download services: iTunes, Napster, HMV, Virgin, Karma Download, Woolworths and Tesco.

Obviously it’s very important these days to download the track because each one counts towards the charts.

So if all the Amsterdamsters can get all of their family, friends, work colleagues and everyone in their address books ready to download this brilliant new single it will boost the boys’ chart position a hell of a lot.

Already we’ve had a very worthwhile campaign with this single and made lots of new and important friends, even BBC Radio Scotland have been playing the single in the daytime which we are told is unheard of!

Also if anybody fancies a short break away the boys are playing two shows on the beautiful Isle of man. The first will be in Douglas the capital on Thursday 8 December followed by a show in Peel the night after. Ticket details coming soon.


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