Tour ends on high note

Tour ends on high note in London

Amsterdam finished their Wonder Stuff tour off with a mighty bang in London on Wednesday night. After storming around the UK for two weeks picking up lots of new fans the boys saved the best for last and were cheered to the rafters at the end of their set. The set included:

The Journey
Raid the Palace
Glorious Day
Joe’s Kiss
Taking on the World
You’re a Phoney
Does This Train Stop on Merseyside?

The gang would like to thank everyone who came out to see them. They all really appreciate the support all over the country. And anyone that hasn’t read Ian’s tour diaries should do so now, in particular to read about the unbelieveable Leeds-Portsmouth entry…

Amsterdam can also announce that they will be doing the Mathew Street festival again this year following last year’s triumph. They will appear on the main day which is Monday 30 August.


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