First we take Liverpool

First we take Liverpool

Amsterdam put in a spectacular performance of soul, passion and entertainment at the Liverpool Carling Academy on Saturday night.

The boys were joined onstage by Eimear Bradley ( on the violin for three songs and also debuted another brand new song to accompany the other three new songs the guys have recently started playing. All in all Amsterdam played a phenomenal twenty songs!

The boys were onstage for an hour and a half and a magnificent union between band and supporters gripped the room on several occasions. The set list was:

Intro (Paulie)
The Journey
Fair blows the wind for France
Class war in the bedroom
Joe’s kiss
Raid the palace (With Eimear)
Glorious day
Love phenomenon
Arm in arm
Does this train stop on Merseyside? (with Eimear)
Do anything you wanna do
Takin’ on the world
You’re a phoney
Town called malice

The Lament
The gangster
A curse
Feels like growin up

Apart from the famous Amsterdam forums on this very site you can also read fans’ reactions over on our

Ian now plays a solo acoustic show for Irish fans on this Saturday night in Belfast.


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