Abbey Road, Christy Moore, interview and blog

Abbey Road, Christy Moore, interview and blog

All at Amsterdam HQ would like to wish all Amsterdamsters everywhere a great and prosperous new year.

Meanwhile the boys have been invited to play a special show for England Rocks at the world’s most famous recording studios, Abbey Road.

The show will unfortunatly be a closed one but the boys are very excited to be playing live in Studio 2 where The Beatles recorded alomost every note of their music between 1962-70.

Also the gang have just learnt that the truly legendary Irishman Christy Moore is preparing a cover version of Does this train stop on Merseyside?. The lads are beyond thrilled with this latest accolade for the song.

Also, do check out Ian’s new studio blog and the traditional end-of-year-interview which are both now online.

Work on the new album resumes in January.


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