Philharmonic triumph

Philharmonic triumph

Amsterdam performed two very special sold out shows last weekend. Tears flowed, new songs broke out and old ones sounded like they were written yesterday.

The choir were a magnificent addition as were Anna and Eimear on flute and violin. The ‘unplugged’ experiment was a complete success. The set list for both nights ran:

Takin’ on the World
Name and Number
The Lament
Don’t Worship Me or Fat Black Heart
New untitled song
Raid the Palace
Hey Hilary
Love Phenomenon
Arm in Arm
If I Should Fall Behind
Joe’s Kiss
Does this Train Stop on Merseyside
You’re a Phoney
The Pain of a Drinking Song
Feels like Growin’ up

The making of the new album continues into its seventh week. Watch out for more blogs in the forum.


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