Honorary Amsterdam member has single out

Laura Critchley

Laura Critchley, who has helped out the boys at the last two Mathew Street festivals, has her first single out on 21 May. The single is called Sometimes I and is available as a download on iTunes and a CD on Amazon.

Amsterdam would like to wish Laura all the luck in the world with her single and album.

The boys performed a one-off show in Scarborough last Friday. It was described by Ian as ‘one of those shows where we don’t know what we’re doing, yet immense fun’.

The setlist was:

The Gangster
Joe’s kiss
Name and number
Arm in arm
Taking on the world
Does this train stop on Merseyside?
You’re a phoney
The Glorious day
Arm in arm
Kings ransom
Do anything you wanna do

Raid the palace


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