Happy Christmas everyone

Happy Christmas everyone

Everone involved with the band would like to wish all Amsterdam fans a very happy Christmas! This coming year should be a very exciting one for the band with the release of the brand new album as well as the Elvis Costello duet.

The record company are currently considering what the next single should be and it should be released towards the end of February with the album following shorty after.

We would like to thank every one for purchasing the new single, Home. It was always a massive risk releasing at this time of year with all of the big hitters also releasing but the song has had an unprecedented amount of support on the BBC Radio 2 Janice Long show and all who’ve heard have been mightily impressed. Enjoy blaring it out everywhere over Christmas! Keep requesting it on her show and at least the late night people will have a great Chrimbo single this year!

Finally a huge thanks to all those who came out to watch the gang on the Icicle Works tour. The band finished in Glasgow on Monday night with a brilliant 8-song show.


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