A spectacular day and night in Liverpool

Saturday April the 21st will see the famous 7 piece Amsterdam circus roll into Liverpool as part of their ‘Best of Ian Prowse’ 2012 tour. The Kazamier venue has been specially chose as one of Ian’s favourite in the city. ‘It’s a brilliant place, it reminds me of the Globe where Shakespeare plied his trade, where ever you stand you have a fabulous view of the action, I’d watch any band there!’ claimed Amsterdam’s lead singer.

During the day the City of Liverpool will play host to the Sea Odyssey. A free spectacular commemorating the sinking of the Titanic. The streets of the city will see giants roam as a magical story unfolds over the weekend. All details are here:
Tickets for the Amsterdam show are available right now from Here:

Here is a Sea Odyssey promo film:



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