Famous Pele T-shirts now available again!

The famous and timeless four primary colour PELE T-Shirt is now available again. Back in the 1990s these great old shirts were present at most indie gigs and hundreds could be seen wearing them at the riotous PELE shows. All sizes are available.

Also available for the Best Of Ian Prowse year are brilliant new Amsterdam tops which sold out on the recent tour. If you order both t-shirts together we’ll throw in the ‘Glorious return of Amsterdam DVD’ for free!

Simply go to the SHOP on this site and follow the very simple instructions: https://amsterdam-music.com/shop/


4 thoughts on “Famous Pele T-shirts now available again!

  1. hi
    i haven’t received my shirt yet, ordered 4 weeks ago? the amsterdam email address isn’t working, so hope you see this message and can help!

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