Brand new T-Shirts (and the classic Pele design) now available!

The legendary primary coloured PELE T-Shirt is finally available again just in time for Christmas! And you can have it in any size so the kids can now have the best band T-Shirt there ever was! Also the T-Shirt comes with the famous ‘I think too much and I drink too much’ slogan on the back. If you’ve lost your old one or it’s just worn out replace it right now! pele-t-300 There is also a brilliant new shirt emblazoned with ‘I Did It For Love’ against the famous Che Guevara image. che-t-300 The official ‘Who Loves Ya Baby’ T Shirt is also available for the first time since the pledge. wlyb-t-300 And finally this brand new alternative design of the well known Amsterdam logo is available. This one is a limited edition so get in there quick! star-t-300   To get any size of any T-Shirt (including kids) just go to We now have a brand new supplier so the turnaround to get you your shirt will be super quick!


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