New single now available for pre-order!

You can now pre-order the second official Amsterdam single, the already classic Does This Train Stop on Merseyside? in three separate formats.

CD1 has a destined-to-be-classic brand new Amsterdam song John and Paul, a wonderful lament to Liverpool’s most famous sons.

CD2 has the full, unedited version of Merseyside as well as beautiful new song The Strangest Girl. Band producer Tony Kiley says this new tune may well point the way for future Amsterdam recordings.

All the 7″ vinyl will be collectors items, individually signed by the band, and will have the full unedited version of the main song. The B-side will see the first ever release of the newly recorded lost Amsterdam gem God Bless Pete Wylie with Ian on lead vocals.

So get ordering everyone, from HMV or Townsend Records.

Also their have been two changes to the album tour in May. It looks likely that the guys will be playing the 12 Bar Club in Preston on Sunday 8 May and the Southampton show is now on Sunday 15, NOT Monday 14 as previously advertised.


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